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We’ve been providing tailored and tactical recruitment solutions for global organizations for over 15 years. Let us show you how our diverse background and industry knowledge can benefit your company today.


We're an Extension of Your Team


We speak your language. Having worked in-house and as consultants, we understand the relationships, the urgency and the internal requirements needed to streamline your recruitment process. But most of all…we listen so that we can save you money in the long run. We make sure your priorities become our priorities.

We are efficient, effective, and consistently produce results. That’s how we’ve been able to sustain long-lasting relationships with our clients. With every single client, we've either worked onsite or been allowed behind the curtain, so to speak, and been given access to internal systems. We are trustworthy. Our clients know that we have their best interests in mind. If you're successful, we're successful.


What We Can Do For You


Change Management

We help align recruitment processes to corporate goals. We use positive reinforcement to walk your team, step by step, through shifts in mindset and shifts in process. We assist with clear and candid communication up and down the hierarchy. Best of all, we eliminate "single points of failure" by fostering collaboration, shared work files, trainings and teamwork through a synchronized work flow.

Team Performance

KMW has been leading recruitment teams across a variety of industries, within start-up and Fortune 500 companies, both domestically and internationally for over 15 years. We've hired, assessed, trained, and guided teams to surpass recruitment goals and reach new heights of productivity. We use a scientific approach to coaching and leading. The results are measurable!

Recruitment Branding

What does your recruitment process say about you? Recruiters are the face of the company and, often times, a potential candidate's first impression. By improving your career site, process work flow and elevating team performance, the candidate's overall experience is improved. You become desirable, sought after... you stop having to look so hard for the right talent. They start seeking you! Once you learn this secret, you don't have to work so hard. We'll help you get there!


Why Work With Us?

Hint: We save you money :)
Whether we are driving efficiency through process improvement, improving team productivity and performance by shortening time to fill, ensuring OFCCP compliance, or introducing you to cutting-edge, less costly recruitment tools, we save you money!
We eliminate outside agency fees, prevent potential audit fines, and review software and system costs to ensure you stay on track and within budget. We know recruitment is a cost center ... but finding the right talent, the right way will save the company overhead in the long run!


Get in touch and we'll be happy to create a customized solution for any of your recruiting challenges.



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High Performance Coaching can give them the tools and habits to foster more resilient teams and operate at heightened and sustained levels of performance. Sound good? Click the button below to find out how we can help you.


"I've engaged Katie for consulting work at two different companies and across 4 different countries. She is a natural networker and very quickly builds trustworthy and long lasting relationships with stakeholders, a valuable asset to achieve positive results at a high pace. She effectively assesses and navigates highly matrix organisations, and is able to evaluate current tools, processes and teams to determine what changes are needed to meet complex goals. Katie is a strong leader, communicator & team builder who uses positive reinforcement to work through change and process optimization. She is culturally adaptable, flexible, hardworking and an all around SUPERSTAR."

Stephen Reilly
Founder & Director, Grad DNA (UK)


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