I'm Katie.

I've spent my career helping professionals achieve their goals. My superpower is teaching others to believe in themselves and their abilities to live their best life.

Katie Weber is a recruitment expert, business professional and high performance coach with more than 15 years of experience working with organizations around the world ranging from early stage start-ups to global Fortune 500s.

Having worked in the US, South Africa, U.A.E, and the UK, she is best known for her innovation in high-growth and transformational scenarios where she is able to quickly assess the situation and apply her unique perspective, creative mindset, and tactical solutions.

Through her work, Katie has developed a Recruiting Search framework and supporting tools that facilitate organizational communication, reinforce recruitment branding, eliminate bias, attract the right talent and ensure that companies are able to do more than just fill their next position.  They're able to fuel a mission!  

With the addition of High Performance and Career Coaching programs, she helps her clients change the game with levels of confidence, employee engagement, clarity, productivity, and influence that are off the charts.  Not only does she help jobseekers get through the door of their desired company, but once there, the supplement of a High Performance Coaching   program ensures that her hires are the company's best hires and top performers.  Her High Performance Coaching program is available for corporates and individuals, and she also offers a monthly group coaching program. 

My Story

I spent my early career managing recruitment agency branches and then transitioned to corporate in-house recruitment, where I quickly moved into leadership roles and aspired to climb the corporate ladder. With the glory of management responsibilities came longer hours, more stress, and less self care. I was a little off balance.  

Having already had two back-to-back knee injuries and subsequent surgeries followed by witnessing and assisting my Mom through two knee replacement surgeries and a carpal tunnel surgery resulting in complications, I gained a whole new perspective on time, priorities and pursuing my passions. I got a flash of my future if I continued down my current path and it wasn't successful by my definition of the word. I decided I needed to live my life by my terms so I planned and took a year-long career break to pursue my greatest passion, travel.

That "career break" opened doors that I never could have imagined. It provided opportunities for me to explore other cultures, gain new perspective on what's most important in life, work internationally, and one-year turned into nearly three years of overseas work, travel, and volunteerism. And after glimpsing into workplaces all over the world, one thing was clear... a lot of people were living my pre-travel story.

Everyone, whether they are a leader, hiring manager, or job seeker, often needs some guidance, perspective, and encouragement to stay on their right path at some stage in their life or career. With a strong desire to empower and inspire others, I became a Certified High Performance Coach to supplement my recruitment work. I now thrive by employing the frameworks, strategies, and practices that I teach and am living my true definition of success. Let me help you live yours.

When you knock on the door of opportunity, do not be surprised that it is work who answers.

- Brendon Burchard

Fun Facts About Me

  • I've fed and bathed elephants in Thailand, camped in treehouses in search of gibbons in Laos, stayed on near deserted islands in Cambodia (as seen on Survivor), and swam with whale sharks in the Philippines.
  • I've fallen off a camel in the Dubai desert - only my bum and my ego got hurt.
  • I'm constantly writing hieroglyphics on mirrors with dry erase markers.
  • I often believe in others and their abilities more than they believe in themselves.

Let's Chat!

I'd be happy to discuss how I can help you find a solution for any of your challenges. Whether it's recruiting, consulting or high performance coaching that interests you, send me a message and I'll get back to you within 24 hours.


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